Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students at DGIST in Korea, 2018

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It is not you! It is online universities, online college degrees, and frankly any form of education that does not cost an arm, a leg, and possibly a kidney. It is true that today’s educational costs are through the roof, and beyond. Small wonder that a growing number of people are now probing somewhat cheaper and handier options. Online college degrees and online universities are preferably sought out by people who are interested in the matter. Oh, yes. Universities, as in traditional universities, need to pay attention to the clamor of regular educational bodies. They really should, otherwise they may start losing candidates quickly.

So, the Korean Government established the DGIST Scholarships in 2004 in a bid to attract PhD and MA students. A bid that has been largely successful. The full scholarship for all graduate students is quite generous. MA and PhD applicants are welcomed.

There is no test requirement when applicants are submitting a form for either Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

The application process is a tad long:

  • First, you need to fill out an application form;
  • You will be required to present personal statement and come up with your own study plan;
  • You will need some supplementary documents;
  • English competence is also required;

You can look up the application form here.

So, in light of the growing number of alternatives to traditional learning options, universities and governments are banding together to stem competition and to prevent ultimately losing all their students.

But what are the inherent problems of education today? It is way too expensive. The argument goes that once you have graduated you would be able to repay your debt in several years, but the realities are that a lot of people struggle to cope with their debt, and that is not due to lack of effort. People tend to dismiss people who have not been lucky enough to have won a scholarship or had cheaper classes.

The realities are, of course, much harsher. So, make sure to benefit from the Korean DGIST scholarship. Do not postpone your future, it starts now. Have a looksee at the application form. It’s easy and it’s worth it.

Great DGIST Scholarship Opportunities

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