Computer Society Computer Science Scholarships at ECU in Australia, 2018

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Student grants abound. Degree programs are not a long way off. The abundance of learning opportunities is on the up. There is no stopping it. Students are hungry for knowledge and they file up at the altars of education, in its many forms clamoring for their degree programs.

But most of those degree programs are uncannily expensive. Here’s where student grants kick in. They do so to alleviate the financial burden of studying, because to an extent, studying today means to be in debt for one-third of one’s adult life – this is not too sexy a prospect and we do not want you to have to live through it.

Nor does the Edith Cowan University in Australia which will help you tackle the intransigent beast of exorbitant tuition costs. The scholarships offered by the university are available in several subjects, including Computer Sciences. Applicants can go after either a BA or an MA degree.

The scholarship will offer to offset 20% of your tuition fees, a nice little offering right there! The scholarship can be taken in Australia, but candidates need to meet several criteria, such as:

  • They must have achieved a Certification from the IEEE Computer Society, or an equivalent at least;
  • They must be an International Student and willing to enroll in either the BA or MA Computer Science course at ECU;
  • Their command of English needs to be up to snuff;
  • Their enrolment application cannot be pending;
  • They need to start their course four months after being granted pre-approval for their scholarship.

Both domestic and international students may apply for this opportunity.

In order to apply, you need to look up the and send your IEEE certificate. ECU will move forward and decide whether your scholarship can be approved or declined. If you are offered a scholarship, its fees will be adjusted. The deadline is set for December 12, 2017.

We strongly recommend that you do not pass on this great offering. Computer Science is at the forefront of its development and institutions of higher learning are all vying to attract the best and the brightest students who will be able to make great future experts.

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