ISAE-SUPAERO Fully Funded Master Scholarships for International Students in France, 2017-2019

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Behold the ISAE-SUPAERO fully-funded MA scholarship! This great learning opportunity supersedes any competing propositions from, say, online universities or accredited schools online. So what is ISAE-SUPAERO and what does it have to offer? The institution is a leader in aerospace engineering higher education. Yes, we do mean stars! Why reach for the stars when you can build your own shuttle and just drop by in a casual way. No accredited school online or online university can offer you something similar as you will lack the hands on experience you need to bang together your very own spaceship.

Enough fluff, though, let us examine the scholarship closely.

Fellowships awarded by the ISAE-SUPAERO are available for students who pursue degrees in Aerospace Engineering. The grants cover tuition fees and allows students to borrow up to E12,600 and the institution offers to cover some of the associated living expenses.

There are four main scholarships:

  • MBDA program of excellence at ISAE (India);
  • MBDA Program of Excellence at ISAE (Indonesia);
  • GIFAS Program of Excellence;
  • Fellowship CEDAR by Airbus

It would be difficult to acquire the skills ISAE-SUPAERO will readily grant to you at an online institution such as an accredited school online.

The scholarship can be taken in France. In addition, you are entitled to EUR6,300 every year in accordance with the Fellowship of the chair arises by Thales.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • Applicants must be holders of BA degree in one of the following fields: mechanical engineering, mechatronics, aerospace, electronics, electrical systems, telecommunications;
  • The applicant must have license in Science and Engineering

All students are eligible for joining the scholarship, including international ones.

So, how to apply for this outstanding opportunity? Easily enough! Follow the steps here:

  • Pen your resume and take your time;
  • Write a cover letter avoiding all grammatical mistakes;
  • Copy your highest diploma to date and add any certifications you might have;
  • Post a transcript of the past three years;
  • You need to submit an English certificate proving your command of the language;
  • GRE test results if taken (this clause is not obligatory)

EUR12,600 in Scholarships by ISAE-SUPAERO One Click

Name, ISAE-SUPAERO offers you an excellent chance to build your own space shuttle and fly to the moon with Airbus or another affiliate. Snatch EUR12,600 in scholarship money right away with …

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