TSB Research Master Scholarships at Tilburg University in Netherlands, 2018-2019

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So online universities and college education online are ever more popular. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Not to us. The need for cheap alternatives to traditional education are not all that new, but they are only gaining traction today. Why? Simply because of exorbitant prices of education lately.

However, be that as it may, with online universities and college education online making its way up in the hearts and minds of students, traditional institutions of higher learning have also pulled their weight to make education more available to everyone. So online universities are trying to claw back the majority of the market but they are faced with stern opposition from traditional institutions.

This is not a bad thing in itself. Comparing the pros and cons of online universities, we could discern several trends:

  • Online universities help alleviate the cost of education;
  • They offer more people access to complicated subjects;

On the other hand, such universities do not offer as many scholarships and students tend to fail to create networking opportunities.

The Scholarships offered by the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) are quite generous. They offer a tuition fee waiver of EUR12,440 and are available for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Small wonder, the scholarships are granted in the field of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

In order to make the cut for either the BA and MA degree in the relevant discipline, candidates must toe several criteria:

  • A BA or MA degree in psychology, sociology, organizational sciences human resources;
  • Applications must be submitted prior to graduation;
  • An average grade of 75% is required;
  • Sufficient academic background in research methodology and statistics;
  • Other than the hard skills outlined here, candidates must also possess a host of other good qualities such as leadership motivation and talent for carrying out complicated researches.

There is no application process as such. Students who are admitted to Research Master’s program are automatically considered for the scholarship as they are considered exceptional students to begin with. The deadline is set up for July 1, 2018. The TSB grants are one of the world’s best out there.

EUR12,440 in Grand Money for Carrying Out Research

Name, would you like to ploy your excellent research skills at an internationally recognized institution? Forget about online universities and grab that EUR12,440 opportunity which will see you through …

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