TSB Research Master Scholarships at Tilburg University in Netherlands, 2018-2019


So online universities and college education online are ever more popular. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Not to us. The need for cheap alternatives to traditional education are not all that new, but they are only gaining traction today. Why? Simply because of exorbitant prices of education lately.

However, be that as it may, with online universities and college education online making its way up in the hearts and minds of students, traditional institutions of higher learning have also pulled their weight to make education more available to everyone. So online universities are trying to claw back the majority of the market but they are faced with stern opposition from traditional institutions.

This is not a bad thing in itself. Comparing the pros and cons of online universities, we could discern several trends:

  • Online universities help alleviate the cost of education;
  • They offer more people access to complicated subjects;

On the other hand, such universities do not offer as many scholarships and students tend to fail to create networking opportunities.

The Scholarships offered by the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) are quite generous. They offer a tuition fee waiver of EUR12,440 and are available for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Small wonder, the scholarships are granted in the field of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

In order to make the cut for either the BA and MA degree in the relevant discipline, candidates must toe several criteria:

  • A BA or MA degree in psychology, sociology, organizational sciences human resources;
  • Applications must be submitted prior to graduation;
  • An average grade of 75% is required;
  • Sufficient academic background in research methodology and statistics;
  • Other than the hard skills outlined here, candidates must also possess a host of other good qualities such as leadership motivation and talent for carrying out complicated researches.

There is no application process as such. Students who are admitted to Research Master’s program are automatically considered for the scholarship as they are considered exceptional students to begin with. The deadline is set up for July 1, 2018. The TSB grants are one of the world’s best out there.

EUR12,440 in Grand Money for Carrying Out Research

Name, would you like to ploy your excellent research skills at an internationally recognized institution? Forget about online universities and grab that EUR12,440 opportunity which will see you through …

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145 Replies to “TSB Research Master Scholarships at Tilburg University in Netherlands, 2018-2019”

      1. Hello am Wario Guyo from Ethiopian I have take my 1st digre in information communication technology so now I need injoing MA if you have any vacane plz contact me . Thank you

      2. Hello am Wario Guyo from Ethiopian I have take my 1st digre in information communication technology so now I need injoing MA if you have any vacane plz infom me . Thank you

  1. I bagged HND in Statistics with Upper Credit in 2001, BSc in Mathematics with 2nd Class Upper Division in 2015. Can you consider me for Master in Development Economics in your Great Citadel of Learning?

  2. Can I do a research in an African country in the human rights especially in domestic violence and girls driven to early marriage?

  3. I still have a bicon of hope that I’ll get an assistance to further my studies because I have a passion. Passing matric with flying colours is my destination.That’s why I always believe in myself.I wish someone can help me to leave a legacy before my last breath.

  4. Yes this will be very grate opportunity to have this course at all levels both on line and boarding. But what could be requirement and model of scholarship?

  5. Please I read BSC statistics at Kwame Nkrumah university Of Science and Technology, Ghana. I am level 100. Please I really need your help to aid me complete my education.

  6. hi i am Dagnachew and i am from Ethiopia . i want to study masters program in your university with the sector of architecture and landscape design.

  7. Please help me achieve my dream,the education system in my country has become so terribly bad that one finds it very difficult to acquire a befitting job with local university qualification.Please help me as I’m desperately in need of scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree overseas.Thanks.

  8. I am John ruiru mungai from Kenya. Graduated with barchelors of education science mathematics and physics and attained a first class honours… Would like to pursue masters in applied mathematics… If get this scholarship I will be able to articulately help my country and the world in research and innovatiins

  9. i am Pontso Metsing from Lesotho with Associate degree in marketing and would like to further more my studies need sponsor

  10. Am from Cameroon and I will like to further my studies in Canada .and I will be very great full if the application form is sent to me.

  11. Thank you for the news that I have received from yours institutions. And I am interested to learn MA program on Philosophy also may I take part in political sciences.

  12. I am really interested and please help me to obtain my BSC and even up to master level,so let God use you as my helper to make my dream come through.

  13. my name is hussain ali and iam from Pakistan ,,i have bs physics from university of swat now i wanna scholarship for further study in m.phil so how can i get scholarship from abroad?

  14. Hello, I am Fongang Emmanuel from the North West of Cameroon which is the trouble zone of the country and I have not been to school for more than a year now because of the unrest. I will be very grateful if this opportunity is granted to me in the field of English Private Law.

  15. I am interested in continuing my course.But i need assistance..i graduated in associate in computer science 2 year course.

  16. My name Rahma Omar Hamad ,Iam from Zanzibar Island .IWould like to study master in oil and gases but I wanna full scholaship in this course and Iwanna visited in main cumpas of this college

  17. please help me in how i can get this chance. i was graduated in biology by winning the cup and gold medal ( ssince i score 4GPA) and now ineed to continue my MSc in biochemistry.

  18. i want to study a masters degree in environmental or hydraulic and water resource engineering or related field of study. thanks

  19. my name is Muhondogo Bonfils I’m from Rwanda i want to study masters after finished my studies in university of Rwanda so I want schroraship in business information technology

  20. As a person knows go work under pressure since I grow up under the parents wasn’t get chance to study and we don’t have money at home if u grant me thia opportunity I promise I’ll work great for 2018-2019 scholarship and am also in matric waiting for my results

  21. I have already started my PhD, I got a grant to pay for my research but I do not have money to Pay for tuition fee whic amounts to 5100 USD . I am getting desperate since I cannot even submit my thesis without clearing this amount . Kindly advice me on how to get a grant
    thank you

  22. my name hamdi mohamed and finished by first bachelor degree in human resource management and I need master of related in human resource and also I need help .please helpmeto get a scholarship .

  23. mr mlulo mugema from Tanzania finished bachelor of education in science.I need masters in biochemistry,nutrition and other related courses pleas help me

  24. I’m a holder of certificate in CLINICAL MEDICINE since 1998 l need to pursue with a Bachelor of Psychology,l will be happy if been considered !

  25. Hi … i have degree of ll.b . Now wanna to do bar at law or ll.m… whats the requirment of both degrees and also for the scholarship.

  26. I have a Bachelor of degree in chemistry and i will be graduate this year in Management of vocational education but I am eager to study abroad so if you can help me please!

  27. I’m very interested to study in your campus my 1st degree in software engineering I need you’re help to join me there…

  28. My name is Fatoumata B Jallow from the Gambia. I am a teacher with Primary teachers certificate, higher teachers certificate and Bsc in biology and public health. Please am interested in pursuing my masters program. I need scholarship .I am from a poor family .

  29. I am Gelebo Goltomo one of from marginalized area Konso,Ethiopia. I am graduated from Addis Ababa in Educational Management and Planning in Bachelor degree. now day world is in dynamic way to cope up with it needs equal knowledge and capacity to fit. So it needs capacity that match with to deliver. If your internationally recognized institution to accept and capacitate me to support my community to facilitate scholarship abroad. I am interested to join your University to attend Sustainable Tourism Development or Social Work in Master Degree.

  30. My name is Suwaibu Sonko from The Gambia. I’m doing a course in an institution called Management Development Institute MDI. I’m in need of this scholarship please i need your help

  31. HI my names hakimi ahmed a/lahi I am Somalia want scholarship tell me please more information
    and my number phone is 00252634104996

  32. I am very happy to rate this expencive chance that the world give as and i hope to be member of the schollershipp students thanks all of u

  33. I really need this scholarship and I hope it would be given to me I plan to study law in any university abroad and I don’t have the means to do this bit with this scholarship my dreams and only wish would be granted

  34. hello i am solomon dessie from ethiopa i have bsc in textile engeneering and i would like to learn my ms in this departement if it is ur pleasure contact me

  35. Hello am Felix Zutah from Ghana, I have bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management and I would like to pursue my MBA in this department. If it’s your pleasure kindly contact me….

  36. How can apply for 22 week diploma in Education Management course for self sponsorship? Thanks

  37. Hi, I am medical doctor from Afghanistan I wish to be a good specialist overseas I want to be a good specialist but I do not have a money, how long does it take! Thanksgiving dearest staff +93791644641

  38. Hi,
    l’m from Tanzania, l wish to upgrade my career for Masters in visual communications.
    Could l be granted a full funded scholarship.

  39. Hi i have a degree in English language and I\’m planning to continue my master studies abroad so please i will be thankful if you provide me with a scholarship

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