Student Success Scholarship at Sheffield Hallam University in UK, 2017


Online college education has expanded at a dizzying pace. Online education as a whole has followed suite. Even the Internet today may be considered a successful tool to study anything that piques your fancy, however, in order to be successful at what you do you may certainly need to attend a regular course at a university. So long online education and online college degree, hello to you Student Success Scholarship at Sheffield Hallam University in UK.

The scholarships are available for students who want to take an undergraduate program, and it covers all the subjects that the Sheffield Hallam University teaches.

More specifically, the financial aid under the program varies from GBP200 to GBP2000 and it bestows an access to a support package designed to help you develop in other areas, including money management and boosting your employability.

In order to make the cut under the scheme you ought to meet several criteria, to wit:

  • Your household income must not exceed GBP42,875;
  • You are enrolled in a high-cost or intensity course;
  • You are an area parent or have caring responsibilities;
  • You are struggling at home;
  • You are a disabled student;
  • You are a transgender student;

Students who cover more criteria of the scholarship will also be entitled of greater awards from the scholarship. The Sheffield University is an outstanding supporter of education despite a student’s background, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Where the university excels is exactly at integrating ‘different’ students.

Online education and online college degrees usually seem appealing to students who are different or have issues at home. They can use the comfort of anonymity without revealing too much about themselves and risking being pariahs.

The University of Sheffield extends its help to students in need and does so quite happily. In order to apply, you need to go to My Student Record on Shuspace and then select ‘Scholarships’ in order to post an application. The application process is straightforward and it will guide you through a lot of the redtape.

The application process will open on September 25, 2017 and the scholarship can be examined in full here. So, why don’t you check out the Sheffield scholarships at once.

GBP2000 Scholarship Up For Grabs at Sheffield

Name, do not pass on a great opportunity to supplement your income with GBP2000 and alleviate the financial burden of studying at a renowned university with…

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193 Replies to “Student Success Scholarship at Sheffield Hallam University in UK, 2017”

  1. I have the interest to resume with studies if given the chance. I am a South Sudanese tramourtized student of war and currently staying without any studies. I stopped in high school at my advanced level. If given the chance to resume, then I will eagerly take the offer.

    1. My Name Amadu Francis I’m from Sierra Leone, I am interested in this scholarship program. If you give me this opportunity to studies Computer Science to the higher level is studies I will appreciate you so much.

    2. My Name Amadu Francis I’m from Sierra Leone, I am interested in this scholarship program. If you give me this opportunity to studies Computer Science to the higher level of studies I will appreciate you so much. Thank you

  2. My name is MUSA KAMARA I’m from Liberia and I’m hardly interested in this scholarship if your give me the opportunity I will hardly appreciate you guys

  3. My name MULATU WOSENU I am from Ethiopia I am strongly interested to gate your scholarship program and i will to give thanks if , it may be the chance

  4. I am Tanzanian Male Rechnold Mnyata completed bachelor Degree I wish to advance my career in Human Resources Management. Its will be my pleasuse to achieve this scholarship opportunity.

  5. James Success Kpadeh
    In need of a scholarship to advance my Technology skilled
    Am a an undergraduate of the Starz College of Science And Technology

  6. My name is Vita Kamuhanga from Namibia just graduated from high school now few days ago, I wish to advance my career in economics…it will be a pleasure to achieve this scholarship

  7. my name i s Apio Keren from Uganda i graduated 2014 with a diploma in Business Administration. I need a scholarship to Advance to Bachelor in Data management

  8. I am really in need of that scholarship. I would like to study civil engineeding. Am also a needy student aged 18 years. Kindly consider.

  9. I have had it rough with accessing a scholarship and yet I would really like to study and change livelihoods. Please consider me

  10. I am NABUSO MAURINE MARION a female Ugandan in need of both a job and a scholarship.

    My current academic level is a bachelors in library and information science.


  11. Iam Fungai Marwa a Zimbabwean based in cape town .i need assistance to do masters degree in business admin .iam a holder of Honours in marketing

  12. really i am very intersted in scholarship education program when you give me this chance I help you and ethiopian people by my profession

  13. I am really interested in the scholarship offer. My name is Chibuike Franklyn Nwaokonkwo, I am 18 years old . I will like to study radiologist in UK.

  14. I’m Judi N. Fayiah from Liberia. I don’t have mother and father they are all dead but I don’t want for that situation to stop me. I want to further my education so that I will be able to pay back to the society.
    I’m really in need of this scholarship. Thank you.

  15. I have a bachelor degree in Accounting major, Management minor, I want to further my studies so please if there is any program or opportunity you can kindly email me. Email address or contact me on:+231886379928

  16. I am interested with this scholarship, please help me,God will reward you. I am from Kigali Rwanda, my name is NSENGIYUMVA Jean Pierre.

  17. I’m in need of this scholarship
    If i get i will be thanksfully
    My name is Isaya Lemburis Orongay from Tanzania

  18. My name is Clara…Iam currently not studying because of finance but if I get the scholarships I will study please do consider me

  19. I am a high school graduate
    I am a Liberian and want to advance my studies in electrical engineering, but I don’t have the fiancé.
    I am therefore pleading to the scholarship board for their sponsorship.

  20. am very interested by your scholarship, i have completed my secondary school since 2015 but i lost chance to enroll to university because of ubudehe category in Rwanda despite my best performance in national exam, if i given i will keenly and attentively follow your rules & regulations. My God bless you for your right answer.

  21. Dear sir,
    I am 40 years old young. Now for 10 years
    I am serving in gov’t education department as laboratory assistant.
    My salary is just 90$ per months which is not enough for my three lovely daughters
    And beautiful three sons including my old parents and wife.
    So to give them education I need online scholarships intensively.
    My qualification is
    B sc( chem bot stat)
    MCS (computer)
    In the response I may give world a unique
    Novel in Urdu and English language
    Which posses initial technology to eliminations of air pollution and water pollution.
    In laboratory I converted smoke of my motorbike into solid sodium bicarbonate
    Through chemical reactions.
    It’s wonderful success.
    But no one are realizing it.
    Any way
    I am requesting for full online scholarships
    To give these technologies to world
    By getting admissions even into master or PhD in environmental sciences.
    In any university of any country of the word.
    Your sincer
    An old expected student

  22. I am South Sudanese having Diploma in social work and social Administration,A social worker who focused on ethics professionalism to meet global standard and requirements.
    I hope and trust if you can able to grant me and pursue my Degree within the same field i will appreciate it so much,I will wait for your positive respond towards my request. As our beloved country has been torn a part because of on going war left most of us vulnerable have no access to basic needs,Education, Health, Water and shelter and etc.

  23. my name is Rebecca Appiah, a Ghanaian i want to study marketing. i have only a father but financial brokedown.
    i want to seek schoolarship to further in education

  24. My name is Jane Wanjiru Waiganjo i would like to get a scholarship to study Diploma in Human Resource Management since my mum is not able to pay for my university fee and am always sent out because of lackof school fee

  25. My name is Jane Wanjiru Waiganjo i would like to get a scholarship to study Diploma in Human Resource Management since my mum is not able to pay for my university fee and am always sent out because of lackof school fee.Am from Kenya

  26. I am Elvis Kipkoech and like a scholarship to study Biochemistry beacause in Kenya there is shortage of job opportunities

  27. I am Mandla from South Africa. I would be glad if you will fund me for a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Thank you in advance

  28. hi i am Dagnachew and i am from Ethiopia . i want to study masters program in your university with the sector of architecture and landscape design.

  29. I am okema Robert, a south sudanes and am interested in going back to school in case of any opportunity please! Let me know

  30. Am walusungu kayira I completed my secondary education in 2016 with some good results , I really need a scholarship
    Your response ll be greatly appreciated

  31. Hello i am from zimbabwe i am aged 19 graduated from alevel last year..i am very good in sports and i would kindly ask your university to offer me a full scholership

  32. dear
    Education is a right for all I am a Sudanese citizen. I request a scholarship in Computer Science to keep pace with evolution
    Thanks for helping people learn

  33. Hi I am Melkamu from Ethiopia. I am 25 years old. I have been graduated BSc from Adama Science And Technology University in 2016 by Mechanical Engineering(thermal stream) and now I am learning MSc in Thermal and Aerospace Engineering program in ASTU. I am requesting your company to give me full scholarship in Aerospace Engineering(MSc).

  34. I’m a ugandan studying in the UK has always been my dream, i beg to be awarded a scholarship in marketing and management.

  35. My name is Israel Chukwuka Oside, and I am from Nigeria, graduated from one of the College of Education in Nigeria with good grade in 2016, I need scholarship opportunity to further please.

  36. Pls. Am Kingsford from Ghana and i need scholarship to do my masters in program in international human Right and criminal justice.

  37. please my name is Richard Fosu in Ghana, am interested in any programme related to agriculture, whether first degree in biotechnology or masters if given the opportunity. thanks

  38. hello….

    I’m looking for scholarship (masters of science in structure / material engineering) so as i can advance my career

    please help me

  39. My name is Albert NTAKIRUTIMANA From Kigali Rwanda , am interested to raise my career in Postgraduate study. First overall i have Bachelor of Science horns in Soil and Water Management. Please i request Full funded scholarship in order to learn my Dream.

  40. My name is David p.Mulbah from Liberia graduate of the victory Revelation Bible institute, I want to further my study in theology.

  41. My name is vera. Am from Nigeria I will like to fodder my education.but I have no sponsor. I will be great full if my application will be consider

  42. My name is Rita Ifeanyi, I am a Nigerian. I want to be among selected ones. Please consider my request. I am most interested. Thanks.

  43. I am John ruiru mungai from Kenya. Graduated with barchelors of education science mathematics and physics and attained a first class honours… Would like to pursue masters in applied mathematics… If get this scholarship I will be able to articulately help my country and the world in research and innovatiins

  44. My name is Christopher Dickson I am in dire need of the scholarship my parents are poor am a Nigerian and since I finished high school we have no money to take any of our siblings to school so I need this scholarship to help myself go to school so I can help my parents in the future

  45. my name is Gak Abraham I have a diploma in logistics and procurement and also a diploma in human resource management so i would like to continue with education i am requesting you to help me by offering a scholarship contact me +211954077740 I am in south Sudan

  46. am in second year of masters in Physics-Mathematics at IMSP-Benin, but I have not money to pay my school fees . Moreover I would like after the master doing my PhD. I will achieve my dream if you offer me this schoolarship, and I will be grateful to you if I obtained your financial support

  47. Meu nome e Núria de Oliveira Martins Zage. Sou de Angola gostaria Imenso ganhar uma bolsa estou a fazer o primeiro ano de ciência farmacêutica cá em angola mas gostaria de ganhar a bolsa de estudo

  48. I am Eddy … am a south sudanese…it will be highly appreciated if am to be under consideration …and has also been my hope to study in UK……THANKS

  49. I am Jackline a kenyan i have tried hard to get bursaries but I could not get.I will appreciate so well if i can get the opportunity to do nursing.

  50. Hi. My name is Salah my request is master degree of public health or nutrion .i kindly thankful for scholarships group for considering me. This word will helps me to upgrade and starting master degree. Please except my request. Thank you

  51. My name is Umang Modessa. I thankful to you for considering me for the scholarship. I’m from Kenya and would be really grateful to be able to learn Medicine through this scholarship.

  52. My name is Umang Modessa. I’m from Kenya and am really thankful to be considered for this opportunity to learn Medincine through this scholarship.

  53. My name is Umang Modessa. I’m from Kenya and am really thankful to be considered for this opportunity to complete my university studies through this scholarship.

  54. Am from kenya have meet the required criteria am single parented my mother does not work i am determine to study to become a procurer officer that may ambition if by chance i get the chance i will be greatful thank you

  55. Hello I am a GCE advanced level holder an I which to further in marketing an management .Am a serious an hardworking student but I am financially broken an unfortunate.why waiting for your reply I remain faithful

  56. Ha ha ha, I read a couple of the scholarship applications on your site and I can’t help but wonder if your scholarships are for entry to “Clown” School or “Circus English” undergraduate college, What a laugh. Anyway if there is any opening for an English speaking Kenyan ? Hey I’m game

  57. I am a South African, with a Masters Degree and being a social activist my wish is to do a PhD in order to development studies and re-inforce the work am currently doing, i.e. being an advocate for the less fortunate.

  58. Development studies can assist those wishing to uplift their communities in better understanding their challenges (diagnostic) and provide better tools to analyze and properly intervene on those identified challenges. The evolving nature of society means our problems also evolve, so diagnostic and intervention tools have to be reliable to make any meaningful impact.

  59. I’m muzamil from somalia,
    I really liked to get this opportunirty which bestowed by our brtohers
    I would like to study intelligency and international security
    Thank you i wish you fredom within this world.

    Muzamil abdi osman
    Mogadishu, somalia

  60. My name is Tafara Peter Manjanda.Am studying with the University of South Africa.I need financial help to finish my studies in 2018.

  61. My name is Simon Gacheru Karanja .I am a Kenyan who would like to be considered for an undergraduate scholarship. Am from a humble background. Please consider me when giving the scholarships.

  62. My name is Derrick Dean, I am a 2015/2016 graduate from high school. I am an 18 years old Liberian and would like to be considered for an undergraduate scholarship. I am hardworking and studious student. Please consider me as one of your scholarship students.


  63. My name is Temesgen Wale from Ethiopia.I graduated from University in 2012 by Civil Engineering and interested to get your scholarshiph fro i can’t continue my Msc.because of financial barries. I am in great need.Please invite me.

  64. My name is favour,Iam very much interested .thank you for this wonderful information .please is there scholarship in businesse Administration??

  65. My name is NSENGIMANA John love i have secondary degree i’m from Rwanda , I want to be among selected ones. Please consider my request
    thank you I shall be anticipating your response.

  66. Dear all

    I’m Mesfin from Ethiopia, I went to join your organization I have first degree from Ambo University. I very interested to take my second degree

    With best regards

    Mesfin Mulugeta

  67. Please i need this scholarship badly
    I will really appreciate if my request for the scholarship is granted. Thank you

  68. Please i really do need this scholarship. I will be grateful if my request for this scholarship is granted. Thank you

  69. I am Medical Laboratory Assistant finding my way to extend my knowledge in that field. Please can you help me.

  70. Am Daniel Subeth from Tanzania.. I have completed the diploma level of animal health and production (husbandry). I interested with scholarship which are provided in worldscholarships… So am need this chance to continue my studies at degree level of livestock animal health and production in any country…. Thanks

  71. Hy I m Sabir sultan Ahmad from Pakistan I m interested in L.L.M plz help me for this I get through scholarship I m waiting

  72. I really need help to futher my education.So it would my sincere gratitude if this opportunity is being given to me.Thanks very much

  73. It will be helpful if l find a scholarship to proceed my education.l will be glad if l find a scholarship for march 2017 intake. Thank you!!!

  74. hi i am Affan. i`m from Nigeria and i`m studying at a
    ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BALEWA UNIVERSITY Bauchi, bauchi state. i really need your grants

  75. I am Jang Cornelius Kimbefe from Cameroon, English speaking background. I hold HND in education. I aspire to top up to the Degree level. My total transcripts GPA is 3.17 on 4ponits. It will be my privilege if I am granted this scholarship.

  76. Am Karuri Dedan, from Kenya,am done with highschool and l do share great interest to pursue civil engineering at my undergraduate level.It is my greatest hope to be granted a scholarship to your institution.

  77. I am undergraduate and hold a certificate in Motor Vehicle technology from Technical division of Ghana education service. I need this opportunity to learn and impact my entire life, country and generation as well. Thanks for the this opportunity and I will be looking forward to receiving a reply.
    Thank you .

  78. My names is Tommy Bangura,i’m from Sierra Leone if i’m give the opportunity of a scolarship i will appriciate it
    thank you

  79. I am Albert from Kenya, aged 20
    Have pursed a diploma programme in mechanical engineering, from the technical university of Mombasa situated in Kenya, and I’ll appreciate your assistance in giving me the opportunity to explore and boost my knowledge in technology and boost my career and be a better person to help the world in general, bring Africa forward mostly probably my country with the help from you to accept me to continue my studies there ,hope you will enroll me in one of your programmes.
    I’ll be glad to hear from you

  80. I am Jackline Jepchumba from Kenya currently pursuing building and civil technology undergraduate at university if given a chance to study at the US I would really appreciate since am from a humble background.Thank you?

  81. I am seeking a scholarship so that I can be able to further my studies in Education, I have Diploma.

    I am Paballo from Lesotho

  82. Hello, I just graduated from the faculty of Education precisely in the department of curriculum studies and teaching…I would appreciate it if I can be given a scholarship in any field in Education for my post graduate studies….

  83. I am usanase ntaganda adronique from rwanda I have finished my advanced level in 2017 in physics-chemistry-biology I want you to help me by giving me scholarship that will help me to continue my education in departement of medecine.I am from simplest family which can not afford to pay for me in university I need your help. thanks

  84. My name is Christian Mukama, I’m a Rwandan . I will appreciate your assistance in my education (undergraduate) .

  85. Hi would like to request for undergraduate degree scholarship in Economics.I will be completing my module diploma course in July2018.

  86. My name is Naveed Ahmad, i am from Chitral Pakistan. i a a graduate of English literature and now a Master student of Tourism and Hospitlity i want my further study in Tourism so please kindly accept my application.

  87. Dear: Sir/Madam
    I’m Evangelist Edwin F Tengbeh from Liberia Christian. A night school graduate,
    Therefore: I am seeking a scholarship in Theology from your good office in other to equipped myself for ministry
    Thanks In advance.
    As I look forward hearing from you.
    Student Tengbeh

  88. Iam James moon from South Sudan. Iam a school leaver bcoz of ongoing crisis since 2013 up-to this time, I just run to Khartoum recently for evaluation. If you take me to these opportunities it will be really appreciated by God not me.

  89. I am very interested in this precious scholarship that I have been in outer Islands without having chances to upgrade my profession. I pray that this is my chance to gain my degree and master to prove my capability so that I can serve my people in the high quality of Education. I live in Kiribati which very small and hardly seen on the map.I will the first of yours.

  90. Hello, the same person above James moon from South Sudan.
    With due respect and humble submission I beg to state that I’m student in First year secondary school. I was supposed to sit for my primary leaving certificate since 2013 but due to crisis happened I didnt complete it. In October 2017 UNICEF in collaboration with ministry of education in south Sudan managed to brought to where we are in the highlands and I managed to get position One in the highlands of 484 pupils with 489/500 marks under this index 28807. As regards to my character and my ability the followings figures will tell you more about me.
    James tot msf-h community area supervisor in south Sudan_southern unity.
    Dr. Buom tap working for Unido south Sudan as MD in charge in south Sudan_southern unity.
    It as to be noticed that my cousin who was dealing with all my educational expenses was asesinated by robbers in juba, the capital of this country South Sudan and my father Who was very strong farmer here in southern unity is gradually getting Old with the age of 77yrs old. Now he has no income nor properties,so it is not possible to defray my educational expenses after maintaining a Large three families of more than 6 members per each. Now if am not favor with at least secondary academy I fear, it have to put an end my study which will chatter all my future hope and aspirations.
    More pls on face to discussion!!!!!!!!!
    Many thanks

  91. My name is David Niyongabo, am Burundian. I have studied physiotherapy at Hope Africa university, am one of traumatized person of the wars that happened in Burundi. Even my sponsor had been killed through the bad situation of 2015. Now I would like to continue my studies for masters level but am not able because of lack of means. I wish to get your assistance. Thank you.

  92. hello i am agree i am beninese and i am senior year and i go at bachelor i want that after my exam i study the finance/comptable i want very agree to select me because i will do all to be useful for the world thank you in advance

  93. I am seeking a scholarship so that I can be able to further my studies in Education, I have BSC. DEGREE IN MECHANICAL engineering .

    I am addis abeba from Ethiopia
    phone no. +251933080518

  94. Dear sir !
    I’m from Benin Republic and I’m a student in Abomey-Calavi university. I did my studies in the field of geographie and furthermore I have obtained my master degree in Local development since march 2017. Currently I have a vision to complete my PhD studies in the field of human ressources management. Unfortunately I can not have much money for paying the tuitions. That’s why I am by the way coming to request a scholarship for PhD level.
    Therfore I speak both French and English languages but I shall be quiet happy to have a grant for English college because it will help me to handle well my knowledge in English language as well as I do in French language. Thanks for your help.

  95. Dear Sir/Madame,
    I am Zahara Badru from Tanzania, compliting form six this May 2018, I wish to have this scholarship to study a degree in Banking and Finance. thank you in advance.

  96. Dear Sir/Madame
    I am a Namibian student who finished my schooling last year at a vocational school. I would really appreciate this scholarship. I really want to study further and become successful one day, but this can’t take place due to a lack of finance.

  97. sunday joseph from uganda, i completed my A-Level in 2013 but because of not being able to raise fees i left studing so i will appriciate if iam given achance of scholarship,

  98. Hi,am Moses chewe chewe from zambia and i need a scholarship to persue a degree in civil engineering.please help me.

  99. Hey. I’m Luyando sianyeuka from Zambia. I am seeking a scholarship to study aeronautical engineering. If you would help me find this scholarship I would really appreciate

  100. My name is Tarkie Wallelign Eshetie from Ethoipia just graduated from University Degree few years ago, I wish to advance my career in economics…it will be a pleasure to achieve this scholarship.

  101. Hi, I’m Komal Kaur a student from India..I’m currently doing Bachelors in Physiotherapy and I’m in second year of my college education..I’m a patient of Type-1 diabetes mellitus from the age of 10years..Now my parents say they won’t be able to pay for my further education along with the expenses of my disease..Its a humble request if I could get this scholarship I’ll be able to complete my education and can work for the welfare of mankind after becoming a doctor..
    Kindly consider my request..

  102. Hi, I’m a Cameroonian student rounding up with my degree in law and political sciences and I aspire to enroll in a master’s program via grants to study abroad. When I got this information I said yeah, this is my chance to chase my dream. Please I pray thee to help me archive this goal of mine to study abroad.

  103. Hello my name is Issa HAVUGIMANA from Rwanda and I would like to ask you for help to go to university because my family and I are not able to afford the fee for university , I am a secondary school leaver last year 2017 in PCB(physics, chemistry and biology) and I passed well the national examinations with 67/73 aggregates despite of the hardship and complicated life style at my home , I was self dependent so getting the school fees was hard for me so I beg you for sponsorship to persue faculty of my dreams either medicine,pharmacy or nursing because I’ve been aspiring to become a good future doctor since I was young , helping me means helping the world because I want to help others too , thank you , your help will be appreciated ,I am looking forward to hear from you

  104. Hello,
    My name is John Lungu from Malawi it is my wish to improve my qualifications but due to lack of school fees am just home doing some piece works
    And if i can be considered i will very happy

  105. My name is Ephrem Gemechu, i live in Ethiopia and i have BA degree in accounting and working in bank industry.
    Please help my, in distance education in fully scholarship.

  106. My name is Austyn Vanlalmuanpuia I’m from Myanmar, Chin State please tell me how can i get on Scholarship.

  107. Hello, Iam a Government employee from Tanzania as an Accountant for 26 years now with a basic salary of $425 per month. My age is 48 years old and the father of two children.

    Please consider me for that scholarship.

  108. I am a Zimbabwean student who finished my schooling last year at a polytechnic college. I would really appreciate this scholarship. I really want to study further and become successful one day, in computer science and paramedic . i have passion in both these two. i am an orphan and my mum cant afford

  109. Im gladly if i get this scholarship cause i need this badly plz give me
    My name is jane aris from Philippines

  110. Good day ma/sir ,Thank you for this opportunity .Please help me with this scholarship am from Nigeria I started schooling but I dropped out because of lack of money and I really want to go to school .please help me

  111. Well,I\’m a senior high school student from Ghana and I do seem to have a particular interest in your scholarship, I\’d be most great full if such an opportunity was made available for me


  113. Am in interested in undergraduate scholarship with tuition fees and everything that will keep me comfortable

  114. Need a fully funded scholarship,in the medical field to pursue masters.I have a diploma in pharmacy and honours degree in nursing..please help,i am Denis Samura i Sierra Leone

  115. Im interested in post graduate scholarship in MBA. I am a holder of degree in Development Studies. I am a Zimbabwean.aged 32. Your favorable consideration will be greartly appreciated

  116. a
    im interested in the post graduate scholarship in MBLGA. iam a holder of degree in Local Government Administration, aged 28 from Zambia . your favorable consideration will be greatly appreciated

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