Reach Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students


Distance learning education and degree programs do not necessarily go hand in hand. But there is ample opportunity for studying online these days. Whether you want a degree program or just to experience distance learning education first hand, that is alright. There is a lot of merit to both types of study.

The Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students strives to help students obtain their degree programs. We hold these scholarships to be a great way of spreading education democratically among students who may have a greater need of those than their western peers.

The good thing about the Reach Oxford Scholarship is that if the university does not offer the facilities needed to carry out the degree program, students may apply at a local university in their home countries and still benefit from the Reach Oxford Scholarship, and that is just generous.

Undergraduate programs in all subjects are available. The number of overall wards is between 2 and 3 each year.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, however you must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be hailing from countries that have received official development assistance from the Development Assistance Committee (DAC);
  • An official website of these countries is available at OECD website.

The scholarship can be extended for a period of three or four years, depending on the course length.

Speaking of eligibility again, do consider that in order to make the cut for the Reach Oxford Scholarship you will most certainly have to demonstrate outstanding academic performance and nothing less than that.

In order to be considered, you must have made an application to the University through UCAS by 15 October 2017. The scholarship deadline is 16 February 2018. Currently, no information is available about how to apply for the scholarship itself. But if you make the first cut, then be on the watch out because you will be able to access the relevant info come January 2018.

More about the scholarship can be found out here, at the official website. Do not hesitate and consider the scholarship, because it is generous and to the right candidate – it may make a lot of difference in your life.

Full Scholarships by Reach Oxford University

Name, do not hesitate to pursue your degree program without having to worry about money ever again. All you have to do is fulfill couple of criteria and then just …

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49 Replies to “Reach Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students”

  1. I am Mesfin Meja from Ethiopia, i need the scholarship to learn PhD in your university and I have MSc in Hydraulic engineering. I want to learn the related feilds, please contact me through the Email. I hope that to join your university.

  2. I am Tinashe Gwatidzo from Zimbabwe. I need a scholarship for a Degree in Economics and business studies I have 2 commercial Advanced levels .I want yo study in your country .for more information contact me on my email.. Or cell +263783542983 or WhatsApp that number .Hope my request will reach your attention

  3. My name is Ehab Ibrahim from Syria. Born in 1995. I have a baccalaureate degree. I want to get a full scholarship in your university. Please help me
    thank you

  4. I’m morgan kombi from kenya.i have finished my diplkoma in nursing and i would wish to further my would you help me please?

  5. I’m Lucas misolo from Tanzania , nursing midwife by profession I would like to study more and more , pleas help me to join your university

  6. I am Sophia schone from Tanzania I have completed my Advanced level in2017 and I would like to join to this university,help me to join the university I would like to study about gynecology

    1. Am Degu mekonnen from Ethiopia. I graduated from bahirdar university by leather engineering with better CGPA since June 2017. Now I want to specialized my acadamical status by MSc leather technology or chemical engineering in one of best university of yours.

  7. Am based in Zimbabwe and am registered with an online university in the US, right now am on hold, therefore cannot pursue studies owing to lack of funds. Does this scholarship consider such cases?

  8. My name is Bereket Bekele,and I am from Ethiopia,I want to have scholar for Master in Corporate Laws or Other business part.Now I’m going to graduate in LLB from Mekele University with good grade in 2018,so how could I get scholarship opportunity ?please

  9. Hello!
    I’m Victor AKILI from The DR Congo and fond of getting Scholarship to pursue the Master’s degree in International Development, the Microfinance, Project Management or other related disciplines, Hope this will find an issue; Thanks

  10. hi i am Dagnachew and i am from Ethiopia . i want to study masters program in your university with the sector of architecture and landscape design.

  11. Hi, am looking forward to join this interesting scholarship,am a undergraduate student ready to be helped for the better future.

  12. I have strong interest in attaining a degree from abroad and incase of such a chance I can’t study to my best. But what are the requirements and steps to be followed.

  13. Hello! I am Ricardo Pinto Mario Covele, from Mozambique, I am master degree holder, in Education and I am looking for full time study scholarship to support my PhD in education, please help me to join your University. For any possible offer please use my e-mail address.

  14. My name is Israel Chukwuka Oside, and I am from Nigeria, graduated from one of the College of Education in Nigeria with good grade in 2016, I need scholarship opportunity to further please.

  15. Salut je me nome hassana je suis nigerienne et je suis etudiante en deuxieme année au departement d’anglais a luniversité de mon pays, je souhaiterai poursuivre mes etudes a londre pour devenir une grande interprete international. J’esperer de tout coeur avoir cette chance.merci

  16. I am John ruiru mungai from Kenya. Graduated with barchelors of education science mathematics and physics and attained a first class honours… Would like to pursue masters in applied mathematics… If get this scholarship I will be able to articulately help my country and the world in research and innovatiins

  17. Good Afternoon I’m Puamun I’m from Cameroon I’ve an Avanced level science since 2016 I couldn’t continue again due to lack of finance someone to care for my studies I really want to consider me among those you are are admitting for scholarships for abroad studies thanks in advance

  18. Hello am Gift by name I really want to apply for this scholarship in order to further my studies but it stands that my country I’d not a member of the OECD so can’t I still be considered since I have the zeal and potential to study but have no fund to train myself.

    1. hi,i am Roger Muya really want to apply for this scholarship to go further with my studies.i am from democratic republic of congo but living in capetown south-africa.i do have a diploma in logistics and supply chain management.i am interested to do BA degree in the same field\logistics and contact;00719970521.

  19. i like logistics and transport because it is my passion,and as i get this opportunity i will be excited once my request is accepted.

  20. Goodmorning sir, my names are Jonathan jimmy I want to study an aeronautical engineering, I will be grateful if I have scholarship thanks

  21. I am in the field of disability. I am disabled myself and would want to work hard to assist the underprivileged people anywhere in the world. If only this scholarship considers such aspirations and such people like me.

  22. I’m Owusu Felix, form Ghana. I have a Higher National Diploma in Secretaryship and Management studies, i will be grateful if i will be given this scholarship to enroll my programme in your institution.

  23. I am Karuri Dedan from Kenya.l am done with highschool and l would really love to study civil engineering at undergraduate level in your institution.l will be greatful if l come by such an opportunity.

  24. I am Albert from Kenya,aged 20
    Have pursed a diploma programme in mechanical engineering, from the technical university of Mombasa situated in Kenya, and I’ll appreciate your assistance in giving me the opportunity to explore and boost my knowledge in technology and boost my career and be a better person to help the world in general, bring Africa forward mostly probably my country with the help from you to accept me to continue my studies there ,hope you will enroll me in one of your programmes.
    I’ll be glad to hear from you

  25. I truely need this scholarship am from Cameroon and there is instability now in our country so many schools have been shut down

  26. Hi i am from Afghanistan, and i got my PhD. From Saudi Arabia. i am very pleased to award me a PhD Scholarship in Agriculture Biotechnology

  27. Greetings.

    I appreciate this from you , and hope to get the opportunity for scholarship with you.

    Best regards.

  28. Hi,
    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry, a law enforcement Officer from the Solomon Islands in south Pacific. served for 133 yrs. in Law and Order and law Enforcement in the Police Force.
    Mother of 3 kids in School and no money to study further in the field of psychological studies to handle my victims of stress and violence and with little knowledge of their state of mind at that time, cannot help counselled them much.

    Salary cannot cater for my kids school fess and myself so I only cater for kids to attend to school.

    I wish to do a degree in psychology to assit in my professional duties and for counselling .

    I also wish to extend to Diploma in Public Management and Internal Relations.

    Please find me a full schorlship to attend study in Australia to further study. and also financial cover for my kids to visit me while on study at leaset once per year.

    kind regards,

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  29. I’m Anthony from Ghana undergraduate student studying science education. Please I need your help to study in your noble institution. Thanks so much in advance.

  30. hello! I’m zelalem Tsegaye from Ethiopia. I’m graduated student by business management in Dilla University and I wanna upgrade my potential and knowledge more and more. so, please try to understand my feeling and help me to get full scholarship. thank U to help me!!

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