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So, college education online and accredited online universities have been gaining traction today. Can you blame them for trying? With costs of traditional education soaring ever so high, it is only natural that a growing number of people will find consolation in what is today’s university of the world – the Internet. And as people flock to the new fields of education, traditional universities will have to work harder on retaining and supporting students in financial need.

Consider the University of the People (UoPeople), the sterling efforts of which had not disappointed a soul. This university is the first accredited online university in the United States. Its goal is to offer free education to everyone interested to pursue studies online. In additionUoPeople also believes that as a growing number of people turn to the Internet to pursue education, they will also demand for the same treatment their peers in regular universities get.

To this end, UoPeople has partnered up with the Vietnamese Scholarship Fund to support students studying online. It does sound a bit unfair, especially with people now struggling to get into regular universities. But then again, UoPeople believes that a lot of the costs of education can be offset. This means that students would one day not have to pay for accommodation and living allowance fees and will greatly reduce the time they need to invest in, say, travelling, which will provide plenty of opportunity for those students. Now, instead wandering from one accredited online university to another, UoPeople wants to be the best university out there to provide online education.

Surely, college education online is gaining traction, but it needs regulation so that people will avoid falling for fraudster institutions. The Vietnamese Scholarship Fund is actually a funding program that will support successful candidate with up to ten Assessment Fees. Of course, this scholarship is renewable.

If you are interesting in knowing more about the Vietnamese Scholarship Fund offered by the online accredited university UoPeople, just write to Financial Aid at

Online college education is here to stay, and so are accredited bodies that offer such education. Make sure not to pass up on some great offers out there.

Consider Studying Online and Being Paid

Name, the UoPeople University will help you with your tuition fees so that you can apply yourself to studying from home! What better way to be at the forefront of education today, then…

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