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TU Delft Excellence Scholarships for International Students

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The Delft University of Technology has an excellent program insofar as scholarship programs are concerned. The offers are mostly available for international students. Consider the Justus & Louise van Effen Scholarship, which is one of the most generous offers out there, designed to financially support excelling international MSc students.

This is not a distance learning degree or an associate degree online, so all applicants and would be successful candidates are requested to be prepared and moved on site in the Netherlands, where TU Delft is actually based.

The scholarship are offered at a rate of 3 per faculty and they are intended at international students. The scholarship will cover full tuition expenses for two years. Living expenses are included for the same period.

Applications begin on 1 October and all documents must be uploaded before 1 December 2017. More information is available at the official website.

The Delft University of Technology will support in their pursuit of education. Even though the university has little to do with distance learning degrees and associate degrees online, it has a wide range of facilities which offer top-of-the-range education which is not found readily everywhere.

Students who are interested in studying at Delft University of Technology may do so for as long as they prove interest, keenness and proven trackrecord of their past academic record. Excelling at school is the surest way for the university to recognize potential talent.

It will not hurt if you already had received an associate degree online or have been part of a distance learning degree. In fact, the more in the way of educational experience you have had, the better your chance of winning the scholarship are. Consider applying for this scholarship and pursuing your studies never having to worry about funding or working throughout the period of the studies.

Delft is just one of the many institutions of higher learning in the Netherlands which offers such excellent choices to striving students. Do not worry about living costs and other associated nuisance when it comes down to attending college in person. Do not pass up on this great opportunity to obtain a degree!

Full Tuition Scholarship by Delft, University

Name, do not think twice and apply for our scholarship as soon as it opens because all you have to worry about at this point is obtaining a good degree oblivious of any financial costs this…



Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme for International Students

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Online education is certainly omnipresent. We do not talk only about acquiring online associate degrees or enrolling in an online university or the like. The Internet has made it possible for people to pursue education on their own, unrestrained and unlimited by institutions or doctrines. Policing the Internet is after all a feat that requires considerable resources and the truth ultimately surfaces. Anyhow, online education persists and people are obtaining their online associate degrees, because this is the way the world has become at a time when prices of education are soaring.

The Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) offers the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme which wants to attract students who are pursuing a PhD degree and have an outstanding academic record.

Under the scholarship program, students can apply at one of the following instituions:

  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Lingnan University
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The Education University of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • The University of Hong Kong

Overall, the program offers 230 PhD Fellowships which will be awarded during the 2018/19 academic year. The program is intended at foreign students and rules out online education or acquiring online associate degrees.

The scholarship funding is pegged at $30,000.

To clinch this juicy pot, you need to demonstrate outstanding qualities in terms of academic excellence. The scholarship’s official website can be found here. Apart from further information about the program, you will also learn more about the abovementioned universities where the PhD fellowship can be taken.

The deadline is set for December 1 2017.

So, there are quite a handful of decent opportunities out there awaiting for the right sort of candidate. Why should anyone really bother with online education, when they can simply go for the full-time gig. Surely, online education will persist and it will profoundly change how we understand education and it will even change how educational institutions perceive understands, pushing them to reform themselves and cater to the demands of a new breed of learners. We could perhaps call them digital nomads. For the time being thought, we will have to settle for the obvious truth – PhD fellowships and the like need to be taken at a proven and serious institution of learning rather than an online surrogate.

$30,000 for PhD Fellowships in China

Name, do not miss this chance to get $30,000 in Fellowship money. You only need to write down your excellent academic record neatly and send it to…

ISAE-SUPAERO Fully Funded Master Scholarships for International Students in France, 2017-2019

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Behold the ISAE-SUPAERO fully-funded MA scholarship! This great learning opportunity supersedes any competing propositions from, say, online universities or accredited schools online. So what is ISAE-SUPAERO and what does it have to offer? The institution is a leader in aerospace engineering higher education. Yes, we do mean stars! Why reach for the stars when you can build your own shuttle and just drop by in a casual way. No accredited school online or online university can offer you something similar as you will lack the hands on experience you need to bang together your very own spaceship.

Enough fluff, though, let us examine the scholarship closely.

Fellowships awarded by the ISAE-SUPAERO are available for students who pursue degrees in Aerospace Engineering. The grants cover tuition fees and allows students to borrow up to E12,600 and the institution offers to cover some of the associated living expenses.

There are four main scholarships:

  • MBDA program of excellence at ISAE (India);
  • MBDA Program of Excellence at ISAE (Indonesia);
  • GIFAS Program of Excellence;
  • Fellowship CEDAR by Airbus

It would be difficult to acquire the skills ISAE-SUPAERO will readily grant to you at an online institution such as an accredited school online.

The scholarship can be taken in France. In addition, you are entitled to EUR6,300 every year in accordance with the Fellowship of the chair arises by Thales.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • Applicants must be holders of BA degree in one of the following fields: mechanical engineering, mechatronics, aerospace, electronics, electrical systems, telecommunications;
  • The applicant must have license in Science and Engineering

All students are eligible for joining the scholarship, including international ones.

So, how to apply for this outstanding opportunity? Easily enough! Follow the steps here:

  • Pen your resume and take your time;
  • Write a cover letter avoiding all grammatical mistakes;
  • Copy your highest diploma to date and add any certifications you might have;
  • Post a transcript of the past three years;
  • You need to submit an English certificate proving your command of the language;
  • GRE test results if taken (this clause is not obligatory)

EUR12,600 in Scholarships by ISAE-SUPAERO One Click

Name, ISAE-SUPAERO offers you an excellent chance to build your own space shuttle and fly to the moon with Airbus or another affiliate. Snatch EUR12,600 in scholarship money right away with …

MSc Scholarships for International Students at Abbe School of Photonics in Germany, 2017

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Online education is certainly one way to go when choosing your university. And if you are a busy professional, then online associate degrees may prove really handy as they demand less of the time, which you anyway don’t have on your hands. In any event, online education is one of those new phenomena of the 21st century, which seems rather determined to stay with us for a long time at least.

So, why not benefit from that? The answer is simple – you may as well benefit from online education, but certainly you may as well consider some of the scholarship opportunities out there. If given a choice, we will always opt for what we still call ‘the real thing.’

Now the Abbe School of Photonics is a sophisticated institution of higher learning in Germany which offers scholarships to international students. The highly-technological facility is no joke. You may apply for an online education course or try to strike an online associate degree, but nothing will really add up to the benefits of studying in a university that deals exclusively with technology and offers you  a much valuable hands on experience.

The scholarships available at the school are for MSc Photonics degrees. Exciting, especially if you are looking into that field already. There is a total of approximately 10 scholarships available now and they can be taken in Germany. Good news is that international students are eligible to apply.

As a requirement, you will need:

  • To have a certificate that proves your language competence in English;
  • To have a BA in a related subject, such as Engineering or Technology;
  • You will also need to furnish a letter of motivation (of up to 500 words);
  • A copy of your passport will also be demanded;

The application deadline is set for January 15, 2018.

We advise you not to miss on what is a great opportunity to study in the said field from one of the world’s best professor. Certainly, you can achieve an approximate understanding slogging over theory on the Internet. But what truly matters is experience, and we advise you to get as much of that as you can. Seize the day now with this excellent learning opportunity by Abbe School of Photonics in Germany

School of Photonics Scholarship Right Now

EUR800 every month for students interested in Physics, Natural Sciences or Engineering awaiting as soon as you …

Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students at DGIST in Korea, 2018

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It is not you! It is online universities, online college degrees, and frankly any form of education that does not cost an arm, a leg, and possibly a kidney. It is true that today’s educational costs are through the roof, and beyond. Small wonder that a growing number of people are now probing somewhat cheaper and handier options. Online college degrees and online universities are preferably sought out by people who are interested in the matter. Oh, yes. Universities, as in traditional universities, need to pay attention to the clamor of regular educational bodies. They really should, otherwise they may start losing candidates quickly.

So, the Korean Government established the DGIST Scholarships in 2004 in a bid to attract PhD and MA students. A bid that has been largely successful. The full scholarship for all graduate students is quite generous. MA and PhD applicants are welcomed.

There is no test requirement when applicants are submitting a form for either Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

The application process is a tad long:

  • First, you need to fill out an application form;
  • You will be required to present personal statement and come up with your own study plan;
  • You will need some supplementary documents;
  • English competence is also required;

You can look up the application form here.

So, in light of the growing number of alternatives to traditional learning options, universities and governments are banding together to stem competition and to prevent ultimately losing all their students.

But what are the inherent problems of education today? It is way too expensive. The argument goes that once you have graduated you would be able to repay your debt in several years, but the realities are that a lot of people struggle to cope with their debt, and that is not due to lack of effort. People tend to dismiss people who have not been lucky enough to have won a scholarship or had cheaper classes.

The realities are, of course, much harsher. So, make sure to benefit from the Korean DGIST scholarship. Do not postpone your future, it starts now. Have a looksee at the application form. It’s easy and it’s worth it.

Great DGIST Scholarship Opportunities

Name, do you want to pursue MA or PhD degree in Korea? Now is your chance to jump on the band wagon and drive madly through the vortex of opportunities that awaits …

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