CSBS Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships at University of Utah in USA, 2018-2019

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College decrees online and distance learning courses are readily available to those who want them. And in a way a growing number of would-be-regular students find coveting them. The explanation is as simple as an explanation goes – money, or the lack thereof. Soaring tuition costs have made attaining a regular degree. Even though education should require a high schooler’s undivided attention and commitment to it, the moil and toil do not simply end there. In order to study today you have to pick a loan. And that loan will be paid for years after one has graduated. Not too tempting a prospect. Not to mention that not everyone wants to go into something as lucrative as, say, banking.

To this end college degrees online and distance learning courses have proliferated. It is small wonder that traditional institutions, hearing the distant drumbeat of this new staying trend, have decided to dispense funds more readily and to generally look for ways to alleviate the financial burden carried on the frail shoulders of aspiring students.

The CSBS Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships at the University of Utah is a great way to enter the venerated world of higher education, and we mean the real thing. Before dismissing this as a sop to public opinion, consider that The College of Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS) is awarding $700,000 in grant money ever year. Goodbye college degrees online, so long distance learning courses. Welcome juicy everyday slog of finding out interesting stuff from proven academics.

There is a range of topics that are covered at the university, let us have a look:

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • Family and Consumer Studies
  • Geography
  • Health Society and Policy
  • International Affairs and Global Enterprise
  • Political Science

The deadline is set for 1 January 2018. US nationals are eligible to apply. The scholarship can be given a closer look at the link here.

Certainly, acquiring a college degree online or signing up for distance learning courses are a great way of advancing academically. Do not hesitate, however, to unpick this current offer as good education tends to be expensive and CSBS offers it for free!

$700,000 in Scholarships by CSBS

Name, CSBS awards $700,000 in scholarships every academic year to everyone who shows interest and the necessary academic aptitude to make the cut…

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Clarendon Fund Scholarships at University of Oxford

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Enter Clarendon Fund Scholarships. Enter online masters degrees and distance learning. These three have little to do with each other. Well, at least the scholarship program we are going to talk about does not team up with online masters degrees no distance learning. No, the Clarendon Fund Scholarships want you on site. They want you there and Oxford, despite its propensity to dabble in any new trend, such as distance learning, is not yet quite ready to release all its scholarships to students who want to pursue studies online. And there is no shame in that. As one of the foremost institutions of higher learning, it is only natural that the university will shun such ‘fads’ as online masters degrees and distance learning.

Now, the Clarendon Fund Scholarships are really fetching and they offer a very viable way of funding individuals who take education seriously and want to negate some of its negative effects – i.e. accruing a lot of debt which drags on the heels of graduated students for years, possibly decades on end.

The Clarendon Scholarships Program is particularly generous. It offers up to 140 new scholarship every year! That makes for a lot of new students joining the ranks of one of the best university worldwide. The scholarship is available at the University of Oxford in the United kingdom.

All graduate level courses are eligible to apply, regardless of their subject. This means that even full-time and part-time MA and DPhil courses are available. If the Clarendon Scholarships Program is so generous, why then would anyone opt for online masters degree. Well, the answer is perhaps that those individuals simply lack the time to travel to the university.

Now, the scholarships are predominantly intended at international students.  They are generous not only in the total number of scholarships available, but also the sums that are handed out to students of particular merit.

You can apply for either full time or part-time study program and that is fine by the University of Oxford which will recognize your efforts and reward you the scholarship if you have the qualifications for it. Now, the deadline is set for 8 January or 19 January 2018.

More information is naturally available at the official website of the scholarship.

£14,553 from Oxford University Today

Name, do not pass up on a great offer and fund your studies whether you are taking a full-time or part-time program by …

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ISAE-SUPAERO Fully Funded Master Scholarships for International Students in France, 2017-2019

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Behold the ISAE-SUPAERO fully-funded MA scholarship! This great learning opportunity supersedes any competing propositions from, say, online universities or accredited schools online. So what is ISAE-SUPAERO and what does it have to offer? The institution is a leader in aerospace engineering higher education. Yes, we do mean stars! Why reach for the stars when you can build your own shuttle and just drop by in a casual way. No accredited school online or online university can offer you something similar as you will lack the hands on experience you need to bang together your very own spaceship.

Enough fluff, though, let us examine the scholarship closely.

Fellowships awarded by the ISAE-SUPAERO are available for students who pursue degrees in Aerospace Engineering. The grants cover tuition fees and allows students to borrow up to E12,600 and the institution offers to cover some of the associated living expenses.

There are four main scholarships:

  • MBDA program of excellence at ISAE (India);
  • MBDA Program of Excellence at ISAE (Indonesia);
  • GIFAS Program of Excellence;
  • Fellowship CEDAR by Airbus

It would be difficult to acquire the skills ISAE-SUPAERO will readily grant to you at an online institution such as an accredited school online.

The scholarship can be taken in France. In addition, you are entitled to EUR6,300 every year in accordance with the Fellowship of the chair arises by Thales.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • Applicants must be holders of BA degree in one of the following fields: mechanical engineering, mechatronics, aerospace, electronics, electrical systems, telecommunications;
  • The applicant must have license in Science and Engineering

All students are eligible for joining the scholarship, including international ones.

So, how to apply for this outstanding opportunity? Easily enough! Follow the steps here:

  • Pen your resume and take your time;
  • Write a cover letter avoiding all grammatical mistakes;
  • Copy your highest diploma to date and add any certifications you might have;
  • Post a transcript of the past three years;
  • You need to submit an English certificate proving your command of the language;
  • GRE test results if taken (this clause is not obligatory)

EUR12,600 in Scholarships by ISAE-SUPAERO One Click

Name, ISAE-SUPAERO offers you an excellent chance to build your own space shuttle and fly to the moon with Airbus or another affiliate. Snatch EUR12,600 in scholarship money right away with …

Fulbright-Radboud Scholarships for American Students in Netherlands, 2018

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Fulbright is one of the world’s foremost authority on education. The educational programs and scholarships offered by the organization exceed the conceivable. Fulbright works with online universities and helps students acquire university online degrees. In addition, Fulbright have representation in all regions across the world. They work in the entirety of Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and in North and South America.

The organization is particularly interested in propping and embracing new trends in education, such as online universities. Hurry up and acquire your own university online degree because it is quite possible with Fulbright.

However, we are going to talk about something different here. We’re talking about the Radboud University and its collaboration with the Fulbright Center.

The scholarship is intended at Dutch and American citizens and it is providing financial aid to the said segment of students. The course levels covered by the scholarship include BA, MA and PhD. There are no restrictions with regards to the subject matter as long as it is taught at the Radboud University.

Under the scholarship, students will benefit from several things, including:

  • Grant for one-year courses;
  • The grant is paid in 11 monthly instalments to the tune of EUR1,200;
  • Grants are also available for two-year courses;

Applicants of US nationality are eligible to apply. Prospective candidates also must be fluent in English, if their mother tongue is not that.

So what do online universities and university online degrees have to offer that could tempt you more than a hard-earned scholarship at a prestigious university? Well, little really! The perceived advantages of online education are really there, but if you have a chance to learn from the best in a real university environment, we advise you to not give it a moment’s thought and plunge bravely into the realms of higher learning.

Applicants must apply by October 6, 2017 and online. Make sure you follow through with the registration process and do not give up on the scholarship at a whim. It has a lot to offer, so much that no online university would make up for it. The Radboud University is waiting for you.

EUR1,200 Every Month in Scholarship Money

Name, come and study in Europe now! The university of Radboud in the Netherlands is now offering you a great opportunity to kick start your research initiatives as soon as you …

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TSB Research Master Scholarships at Tilburg University in Netherlands, 2018-2019

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So online universities and college education online are ever more popular. Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Not to us. The need for cheap alternatives to traditional education are not all that new, but they are only gaining traction today. Why? Simply because of exorbitant prices of education lately.

However, be that as it may, with online universities and college education online making its way up in the hearts and minds of students, traditional institutions of higher learning have also pulled their weight to make education more available to everyone. So online universities are trying to claw back the majority of the market but they are faced with stern opposition from traditional institutions.

This is not a bad thing in itself. Comparing the pros and cons of online universities, we could discern several trends:

  • Online universities help alleviate the cost of education;
  • They offer more people access to complicated subjects;

On the other hand, such universities do not offer as many scholarships and students tend to fail to create networking opportunities.

The Scholarships offered by the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) are quite generous. They offer a tuition fee waiver of EUR12,440 and are available for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Small wonder, the scholarships are granted in the field of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

In order to make the cut for either the BA and MA degree in the relevant discipline, candidates must toe several criteria:

  • A BA or MA degree in psychology, sociology, organizational sciences human resources;
  • Applications must be submitted prior to graduation;
  • An average grade of 75% is required;
  • Sufficient academic background in research methodology and statistics;
  • Other than the hard skills outlined here, candidates must also possess a host of other good qualities such as leadership motivation and talent for carrying out complicated researches.

There is no application process as such. Students who are admitted to Research Master’s program are automatically considered for the scholarship as they are considered exceptional students to begin with. The deadline is set up for July 1, 2018. The TSB grants are one of the world’s best out there.

EUR12,440 in Grand Money for Carrying Out Research

Name, would you like to ploy your excellent research skills at an internationally recognized institution? Forget about online universities and grab that EUR12,440 opportunity which will see you through …

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Leiden Science Indonesia Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students in Netherlands, 2018

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The Faculty of Science at the University of Leiden is announcing its latest Leiden Science Indonesia Scholarship. This is not an online school or an online associate degree. The stiped is available to students who are not hailing from a country in the European Union or the EEA region.

The Leiden University is one of Europe’s foremost authorities in sciences. It offers some online associate degrees, much like some online schools do. However, the university takes science seriously and it is looking to attract the best and brightest students. Most of the subjects taught at the school are taught in English. To this end, everyone is advised to sit an IELTS test.

The scholarships are available for the Masters degrees. In addition, they are only available for the Faculty of Science. Students coming from outside the EU and the EEA region should know that the scholarship covers only 25% of the tuition fees before the start of the academic year.

The number of scholarships is unknown. Online schools may offer an easier access to education and online associate degrees, but they stand no chance where the learning of something sophisticated as applied sciences is concerned.

We strongly advise students to opt for the Leiden University and to benefit from the great scholarship option readily available there.

The scholarship can be taken in the Netherlands and the most important eligibility criteria are that you are a student from a non-EU/EEA country.

In order to apply for the scholarship, you need to check out the application form.  All the required documents need to be uploaded along with your application. The scholarship is granted for the 2017/2018 academic year. The deadline is set for October 15, 2017.

There is little more than to laud the excellent and long-standing institution of higher learning in Europe. You will be remiss not to at least give the Leiden University’s website a quick check. There are loads of nifty little things to look into. Online schools have what to offer as well. But when studying sciences it is best to do it on site and to learn from established professors. Peer pressure is important.

Knock Off 25% of Tuition Fees

Name, do not pass up on this opportunity to study in one of Europe’s foremost tech hubs which will offer you great opportunities to advance your knowledge …

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