IESEG Master of Science Scholarships in Big Data Analytics for Business in France, 2018

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Student grants are an easy way to go into education. Well, we say easy but they are still quite demanding. Myriad criteria face every applicant who tries to tackle a degree program. Yes, there is quite a few things to consider. Money is somewhat the most important. Without the means, you can barely study what you want and where you like it. That’s why online college courses have been gaining traction in recent years. And small wonder, eh?

Well! While online college courses appear to be a viable alternative to traditional educational we still advise you to explore one of the many options out there, in the form of a student grant, so that you benefit from the best education possible not tomorrow but right away!

Consider the scholarship handed by the IESEG School of Management which wants you to continue your efforts in academia by offering a great conditions to study a Master’s degree. The subject is just what you have been looking for – Science in Big Data Analytics for Business. Welcome to the world of number-crunching drudgery! We know you like it.

The scholarships are offered in the form of a tuition waiver.

In order to be eligible for a scholarship you need to meet several criteria:

  • Make sure you have a BA in Business Administration, Engineering, IT, Statistics or a similar degree;
  • The program is open to international candidates as long as they demonstrate a good command of English;
  • No prior knowledge to French is required. However, candidates who are not native speakers of French need to attend French language classes

The application form need to be submitted by May 30, 2018.

Online college courses are a good way to go when you are trying to get your hands on better education, but instead of navigated the uncharted territories of the internet in somewhat vain pursuit of good degree, you may just opt for a good student grant instead and make sure you study at one of the world’s best institution which has a lot to offer to the bright young enthusiast.

Make Sure to Apply for Full Scholarship Today

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Duke Divinity Scholarships for US and International Students, 2018

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Online classes are a great way to go when you have online degree to pursue. The flexibility, the freedom, the breadcrumbs all over your laptop! Ah, bask in the glory of modern education. Now, there are reasonable arguments to support both claims:

  • Online classes are a waste of time;
  • Pursuing an online degree can actually be a reasonable thing;

We personally tilt towards the former option, but that is only because we believe there are certain areas of study where having hands on experience is the best thing that you can do. Indeed, studying sciences, medicine and the likes are grueling tasks and they certainly cannot be outsourced to online educations.

But be that as it may, we still believe online classes have merits. They cut expenditures by a whole lot. Some students today really do not have the means to go to an actual university and there is no shame in opting for another option instead. Yes, we support those financially-ailing students and want what’s best for them.

This is what the Duke Divinity Scholarships for US and International Students kicks in. The award is bestowed to students studying M.Div., M.T.S., M.A.C.P., D.Min., and Th.D. All students enrolled in these programs will receive some sort of financial support.

The nationality of the citizen is not a qualifying criteria as the scholarship is open to people from all over the world. However, applicants will need to demonstrate a good command of English. To this end a TOEFL certification will be required.

In order to apply:

  • Create a ChooseDuke account and follow through with the application form;
  • Add recommender information;
  • Pay the fee and submit your application;
  • Submit required additional documents before the deadline which is November 1, 2017

That pretty much sums up the process. No online classes and no online degrees, though. The university offers on-site education which you better not passed up on as it is a great opportunity to further your knowledge and keep digging in the area that interests you.

Such opportunities come often in our time and we tend to dismiss them as an everyday thing. Do not dismiss your future so easily. Apply now.

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